Our Products

FarmHouse Fresh

Texas owned and operated Certified Organic or Completely Natural, Cruelty Free body and skincare with fresh local farm grown ingredients. A portion of all proceeds from purchasing FHF goes toward rescuing and rehabilitating abused animals.

Fountain Of Youth Skincare

Certified Organic, Vegan, Family-Owned skincare line with fresh ingredients grown and produced in the U.S. Plant-based and fruit infused products that are gentle enough for all skin types and packed with high quality antioxidants.


We have an assortment of handcrafted natural specialty candles.

Sjolie Sunless Tanning

Sjolie Sunless solution and retail products have been designed to enhance your skin with health in mind. This product line contains naturally derived ingredients. These are free of gluten, parabens, and Eurythrulose. Naturally derived and Vegan certified.  We currently stock Tan Extend Tan Enhancer, Skin Perfecting Self Tanner, and Daily Skin Care Body Wash. 

Essential Oil Roll-on Blends

Therapeutic grade, cruelty free, 100% organic, natural roll-on essential oil blends to promote wellness. Apply to wrist, temples, behind ears and the back of the neck. 

Vitality, Sleepytime, Energize, Focus, Headache Relief, Stress Relief, Hot Stuff